This is the website for Francis (Frank) J. Chandler, a multidiscipline and skilled artist, craftsman and consultant. Fine art, design, photography and environmental consulting are the disciplines within which I work. This site is my venue for featuring my accomplishments, with images and explanations of what I do.

My fine art generally falls under painting and drawing; watercolor, acrylics and oils are the mediums for painting, and graphite and charcoal are the drawing mediums. My design work is the most varied field of endeavor; graphic and web design are the two dimensional mediums, and cabinetry, furniture and landscape design are three dimensional mediums. My photography, predominantly 35mm format, has transitioned from film to digital.

I began creating images at a very early age. In grade school and high school I took every art class I could get into. I practiced my skills every moment I could, sometimes even when I should have been going other things. I entered the University of Tennessee in fine arts as a sophomore having proved proficiency in the fine arts discipline. However, I did not finish the degree because at that time I decided I would rather get paid to learn things than pay to learn them (maybe the folly of youth). Since then I have worked for photography labs, frame shops, newspapers, graphic design and print establishments, environmental consulting firms and individuals who need these services.

I live in Hillsborough, North Carolina and practice these disciplines depending on what a client may need or want. I have won national awards for graphic design and photography. In fine art, I have had numerous one man shows and have juried into group shows. In the environmental consulting field, I have helped to bring hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of property to market.

My most recent work has been in designing, developing and maintaining web sites, designing and building cabinetry and furniture, and site planning and environmental consulting. I also still find time for fine arts and photography. This site provides an outlet for procuring all things Frank Chandler.

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